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The first step in creating a greater quality of life is establishing balance on all levels of our being.  Examples of imbalance could include: great cardiovascular fitness but little flexibility, chronic low back pain with no specific cause, constant feelings of stress, worry or an inability to focus attention for any length of time.  The Golden Deva disciplines provide tools to aid us in re-centering our physical, mental and subtle energies.  Hatha Yoga teaches us to move from a position of balance to one of extension and then back to a position of relaxed equilibrium.  Similarly, in Meditation practice we move from the still point of the quiet mind toward a focus on a word or image and finally back to the still point.  By its very nature, Reiki works to balance the energy centers on all levels, addressing current blockages that may manifest as discomfort or disease and preventing further blocks from occurring.

Once we ease the body and quiet the mind and emotions, we are in a much better position to look at what we really want in our lives.  Intention is a word describing how we consciously or unconsciously create our reality in every moment.  Ancient teachings, modern psychology and quantum physics tell us that what we focus on is what comes into being.  Some of our intentions may be the unconscious result of old programming from parents and teachers or sub-consciously absorbed messages from advertising and the media.  If we do not like what we are manifesting, once we are aware, we have the power to change our reality through changing our Intention. Golden Deva uses the Yogic physical and mental disciplines and the energy work of Reiki, to create an awareness of the Intentions that we currently have, and to support us in replacing those intentions with ones that move us in the direction of our desires.

All our perceived reality is a manifestation of energy vibrating at different rates.  Slower energy appears to us as our solid material world while faster vibrations manifest as sound, light or at a rate that our physical senses do not normally perceive.  We are an integral part of this energy field with the ability to tap into an endless source of bountiful energy at will.  By the same token we are constantly affecting that same energy field.
The Golden Deva physical, mental and energy work is geared toward developing our awareness of the subtle energy field of which we are all a part.  The development of balance and focused intention allows us to channel our energy consciously.  With a focused direction of energy, we can both manifest our desires and be consciously aware of the impact we have on the greater energy field.

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