Melanie Rowan Bonnell, founder of Golden Deva,
DevaMoves Hatha Yoga, DevaMind Meditation and DevaEssence Reiki, began her lifelong study of Yoga, Meditation and Self-Development over 30 years ago at Yashodara Ashram in Kootenay Bay, British Columbia.
She taught Yoga for many years in Ottawa.

She received her Reiki initiations in the early 1990's and has worked with a private clientele for the past twelve years. Recently leaving a 25 year career as a government and corporate IT executive, she has turned her energies to sharing the teachings and techniques of the Masters that have most influenced her.

She notes: "Golden Deva is my way of giving back some of what I have received from the great teachers I have been privileged to encounter".
Ms Bonnell is also an avid dressage rider competing at the Canadian National level. She lives in the King City, Ontario area with her husband, dogs and horses.

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The Basis of Golden Deva: Balance, Intention, Energy